my quest to staying up until 1 am with extremely low iron // 4/20/19

9:54 PM: basically, if i was american, the livestream i'm staying up to watch should've started already, which makes me pissed. i'm not sleepy at all yet, which is great, but i'm REALLY bored. the dude is probably like, eating lunch or something. i've already eaten dinner (a shit ton of pizza and also mcdonalds ice cream because i've just given up at this point) i only get sleepy after my Digestion (tm) proccess is done so i think that'll delay my sleepiness a few hours. happy little accident.

9:58 PM: i'm updating this again because i am EXTREMELY bored. might go on Za Deep Webz cuz that usually spices my nights up. there's so many edgy teens and absurd shit on there, yall wouldn't believe. it's like myspace on steroids. full of emo crackheads......nonces advertising their "14 year old boy dicked down" shit everywhere i go... (cough boyvids 4.0) that shit's weird. middle school boys are GROSS!!

10:12 PM: man i wish i could go back to only getting sleepy after 3 am... missing out on late night funsies.......SUCKS! anyway i decided 2 make a website, so now i'm less bored, but i'm starting to get tired, it's frustrating. and anger makes me energetic. and energy is always good when ur trying to stay awake, obviously! after i finish my thing, i'll go on sum weird sites.. maybe bully a few kids.. make fake shooting threats.. whateva

10>15 PM: my back hurts..well not really. i'm just tiredd and it make s my back hurt for some reason? its like my back cant support my upper body. Gotta stay awake.. i'm gonna get some coffee. im meditating

11:28 PM: i accidentally fell asleep. i feel better now though. it's so cold

12:44 AM: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. almost time........ im so tired;; my nose is runny!!

so.. I totes 4got abt this. long story short, i watched some of the thing i was gonna watch, but then she caught me so i had 2 stop.. well it wasnt that good anyways! all things i alredy knew. time 4 next year.. im gonna really make it special! ,